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This store has a variety of items that I make by hand. I love old photographs and like to paint over these portraits to give them a different life. Collage has been a medium that inspires me to make collections to tell a story, I'll let you decide what that story is. Art for me is a way to speak through images. The written word is left to the writers, who do that much better than me. 

Bracelets started with my work for the local chapter of NOW (National Organization for Women). I make a variety of different things for the organization and when we are trying to raise some money we found people like to buy small items to support the causes that NOW stands for.


I decided to expand on some of my creations and give them a personal feel, so I use Greek eye beads (said to ward off an evil glare or curse) in a variety of styles and colors, as my heritage is half Hellenic and half Celtic. 

In my studio is a huge collection of ephemera, photographs, stamps and more ready to be worked on, so check back soon.